Fitness Staffing and Management Solutions


Elevation Health adapts and customizes its mobile community engagement platform so you can provide hybrid and online programming and education access, while managing and tracking fitness program engagement.

Elevation Health’s mobile community engagement platform provides access to a calendar of class participation options with online registration and touch-free check-in, a robust library of streaming video classes, and much more. The Boost by Elevation app makes it convenient and easy to access the platform from anywhere.

Elevation Health Online Portal

The Elevation Health community engagement platform is your one stop shop for all of your fitness and wellness programs. Highly customizable and easy to use, our platform combines dynamic library content, with current programming and customized information along with branding specific to your program and your community's needs.

Program Management

Elevation Health makes your fitness, health and wellness program management worry-free. Client-branded, with custom landing pages, our community engagement platform allows for online fitness and wellness program and facility management including class and event registration, scheduling, community communication and more, making day-to-day operations simple and uncomplicated. Plus, the Elevation Health in-house technology team handles everything for you, ensuring that your data and privacy are securely stored, and HIPAA and PCI compliant.

We believe in the power of fitness and wellness to improve nearly all aspects of life, and we meet people where they are, to encourage participation and ensure a positive return on every level of fitness investment.

Let's Connect

Community Connectivity

Elevation Health's easy to use community engagement platform empowers participants to take control of their fitness and wellness. The platform enables community members to do everything from registering and checking in for classes and events, to securely paying online and managing their profile with a simple click. The Boost by Elevation app ensures that your members can access all of the Elevation Health community engagement platform features from the palm of their hand.

Plus, with Elevation Station, Elevation Health's fitness library of more than 100 group fitness classes, ranging from body weight, to strength, flexibility, and high intensity interval training, and Elevation Live, a real-time calendar and registration tool that shares more than 20 weekly live classes, community members can easily participate in any of the Elevation Health class offerings at any time.

Program Tracking

On the back-end, Elevation Health's community engagement platform allows clients to track and audit fitness and wellness programs and create real-time analytics and reports, which can be key to the success of the overall investment. Reporting capabilities include calculating how many people registered for an event, how many participants utilized the facility during a particular timeframe, what times the facility is most utilized each day, what type of activities/equipment are being used and much more.