Fitness Staffing and Management Solutions

Fitness Programs & Services Build Stronger Futures

Our passion lies in building community engagement and motivation, as that is the fuel that powers successful fitness experiences.

Since 1994, Elevation Health has been dedicated to providing clients with exceptional fitness, wellness and health management services. Elevation Health supplies on-site fitness center personnel, management and leadership to help build community engagement. We help solve the people equation for fitness and wellness programs.

Membership Management

Membership Management

Elevation Health helps to capture, retain, and support the interest of everyone that participates in your fitness and wellness programs, making things easy and engaging. We can handle a few or all of the operational and access details including:

  • Online registration and check-in
  • Secure payment platform as needed
  • Fitness center access and locker management
  • Providing a cloud-based resource video and fitness library

Facility Management

Elevation Health supplies fitness center personnel, management, and leadership committed to community fitness enhancement, customer service, and detailed execution. Tracking the success of any community fitness investment, Elevation Health can help with all aspects of facility management including:

  • Staffing and management
  • Monthly and annual reporting
  • Equipment purchasing and maintenance
  • Secure HIPAA compliance
  • Public safety measure adherence, hygienic cleaning services, and more

Fitness/Wellness Classes and Personal Training

Elevation Health's extensive offering of in-person and virtual group fitness classes -- ranging from body weight, strength, flexibility, high intensity interval training, as well as personal training and wellness coaching -- help to keep community participants both active and motivated.

  • Trained, nationally-certified instructors with CPR and AED certifications
  • Group fitness and specialty classes
  • Personal training
  • Coaching

Education Sessions

Elevation Health empowers community members to take control of their fitness and wellness. We meet people where they are to encourage participation and ensure a positive return on every level of fitness investment.

  • Equipment orientations
  • Fitness assessments
  • Nutrition programming
  • Mental Health programming
  • Wellness seminars
  • CPR classes and more

Incentives and Events

Participant incentive programs and engagement events are among Elevation Health's strongest deliverables, customized to meet each community's needs. Elevation Health can develop and manage a variety of events and programs designed to help build community engagement, including:

  • Fit expos, fun runs
  • Family field days
  • Recreation events and tournaments
  • Walk/run clubs
  • Fitness and weight loss challenges
  • Wellness incentives

Active Aging

Elevation Health is dedicated to helping all individuals stay mobile and active throughout their later years. Trained Elevation Health staff members are particularly adept at managing and guiding active aging fitness and health with mobility, fall prevention, cognitive health, and functional fitness programs.

  • Elevation Health trained senior fitness staff address fall prevention and balance, tracking progress for each individual to improve or maintain the core components of balance, mobility and strength.
  • Designed to increase strength, flexibility and balance, Elevation Health's Strive to Thrive program can be done individually or led via a certified Elevation Health trainer.