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Solving The People Equation For Fitness And Wellness Programs

Solving The People Equation For Fitness And Wellness Programs

Our passion is building community engagement and motivation, fueling successful fitness experiences.

Since 1994, Elevation Health has been dedicated to providing clients with exceptional fitness, wellness and health management services. Elevation Health supplies on-site fitness center personnel, management and leadership to help build community engagement. We help solve the people equation for fitness and wellness programs.

  • For housing, townhomes, apartment and condo communities, Elevation Health creates and manages fitness programs that fuel high leasing rates, community engagement with available amenities, and tenant retention. Proactive fitness/wellness options help people love where they live!


  • In corporate and office environments, Elevation Health programs boost employee retention rates and reduce health care costs. Getting employees active helps both work and life enjoyment.


  • With trained Elevation Health professionals handling active aging fitness programs, older adults become stronger, healthier and more functionally fit…for greater wellness, deeper into life. Both physical ability and cognitive function programs are vital to maintaining senior fitness, and Elevation Health specializes in both.


  • No matter how big the team is, fitness and wellness programs can play a big part in how a community functions, both for individuals within it and together as a unified whole. Elevation Health can help an investment in fitness programming return higher rates of employee satisfaction and retention, reduced health care costs, and an actively engaged population with a healthier outlook.


  • For golf, tennis, swim and country clubs, the seasonality of their focus can be limiting. Elevation Health programs can provide a year-round opportunity for membership to engage in fitness and wellness pursuits any time, providing a steadier expected income for the club and a more valuable, comprehensive, and well-rounded experience for the member.


With one of the most notable client satisfaction track records in the industry, Elevation Health is well-versed in how fitness facilities and the activities that fuel their success are created and sustained. Having worked with over 2,800 fitness facilities worldwide, Elevation Health's involvement means putting passion, motivation and growth behind your fitness and wellness programs – leading to healthier communities, lower healthcare expenses, positive wellness-forward environments, and happier lives.

By The Numbers

  • 2800+
    Fitness Center Collaboratively Designed
  • 75%
    First Year Fitness Program Engagement Growth Rate
  • 3.4M+
    Fitness & Welllness Program Participants

Whether your fitness environment is virtual, physical, or a combination of the two, we work to meet the needs of our client communities. We do that by building our relationships one at a time, focusing on each client's specific needs and goals.

We believe in the power of fitness and wellness to improve nearly all aspects of life, and we meet people where they are to encourage participation and ensure a positive return on every level of fitness investment.

It is our utmost goal to foster open and dynamic relationships with all of our clients, employees and participants -- to help create and sustain the healthiest communities, organizations and environments possible. That's who we are and why we do what we do, every day.

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